Fume Extractor - Soldering, Welding fume Extractors.

Fumes are generated in various industry process like Laser cutting, Laser Marking, Plasma cutting, Welding, Chemical Laboratory, and also in chemical storage applications. These fumes hazardous to human health and should be effectively removed, Filtered and then passed to atmosphere. Fume Extractors or Fume Extraction System is a device or a set of arrangements to collect fumes from various processes via suction hood, transport it to filtering unit via ducts, and is filtered there and then passed to atmosphere. These fumes should be effectively captured and filtered before passing it to atmosphere as per Pollution Control Board norms, Occupational Safety norms to improve health, safety and productivity of employees. Apzem had been custom designing, manufacturing , installation and commissioning of Fume extractors and Fume Extraction system together with hood, ducts, blowers, Filter unit and chimney for its customers from welding, laser marking, soldering to chemical storage, research Labs. Choose any of our Fume Extractors type below or call us @ +91-044-26580258 or send us enquiry to enquiry@apzem.com We are very much happy to assist you in selecting and customizing our widest range of fume extractors or multi point centralized fume extraction system that best suits your needs and fits within your budget.

Apzem Fume Extractor Types & Accessories