Product Description:

elevating-back-draft-grossing-stationAPZEM Elevating series Grossing Station were designed to provide Sturdy, customizable and affordable workstation for medium to large Labs. The Elite Elevating series workstation comes with higher suction capacity, ergonomically designed and additional height adjustable features that assists in high productivity grossing as well as protects you from inhaling harmful Formalin fumes.

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Technical Specifications and Additional Information

All Stainless steel Construction made of 18 Guage SS 304

Removable perforated worktop.

Inbuilt ventilation system capable of removing all formalin fumes from work top and from Technicians breathing zone

Deep Sink with Cold water mixer Faucet

Back Draft fume Removal system.

Perimeter rinsing for easy cleaning of work surface.

C-Fold paper towel Holder.

Polyethylene Dissecting Board for Dissecting and for Photography.

Magnetic Tool holder

Cleanable Pre Filter to remove fine particles.

Worktable Height : 800mm (normal position).

Height can be adjusted from 800mm to 1050mm electro hydraulically with feather touch control switch.

Additional shelf for storing.

Hand rinsing assembly

Perimeter Rinse assembly.

High capacity 0.55 HP waste disposal unit.

Transparent Lexan air deflector panel.

Magnifying Lamp fixture for mounting 3 axis adjustable magnifying Lamp.

Foot operated mixer faucet.

Digital camera holder.

Safety splash shield.

Formalin Dispensing system

Removable Ventilation Trash cabinet with wheel arrangement.

Adjustable Shelving

Higher grade , SS 316 Construction for better chemical resistance and greater life.

Optional Carbon filter / potassium permanganate filter.

Adjustable camera holder arrangement.

All Apzem Products are designed to comply with ACGIH and OSHA standards as well as local PCB Standards.

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All Apzem Products are minimum one year waranted for performance and quality.

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