Air is our soul, without air a normal human cannot live more than 5 minutes. Not just 7 billion plus humans, a billion other creatures breaths air for living. Polluting air is like poisoning it. Air pollution leads to premature deaths, it decreases human life time. People die earlier when then live in a air polluted atmosphere.

Since its founding APZEM had been innovating & building products that refines our breath. Whatever products we build at APZEM, we build with one goal, it should control air pollution and increase human life expectancy. When we control air pollution indoor & outdoor, we are indirectly increasing the life of our loved ones, there could not be anything better than this which we could gift to our loved ones.

We are passionate about what we do, and if you love about our work and want to be part of it, you are always welcome. No matter whatever you studied, not necessary to be graduated from top institutes, but the passion to innovate, learn new things & Love what we do is what qualifies you to be part of our team. Send your resumes to

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